Advanced Call Screening

Having studied the market, we understand that there may be undesirable advertising or other calls to your toll-free numbers which can slowdown your system. In order to save your time and energy as well as to protect your company from undesirable calls, you may want to consider using advanced call screening service from Syteg.

Time is one of the most valuable resources and you may want to use it wisely. The same thing is with your potential or existing customers - most of them don't want to waste their time. However, there are people who don't think time is a valuable resource - they are those who can call you day and night without any specific cause. There also may be some advertising calls you do not want to devote your time to. Advanced call screening service will be able to help you to efficiently manage your inbound calls as you will be able to identify who is calling and why before answering.

Call Screening

With advanced call screening service you may check the callers' list and choose those whom you want to talk to. This system also enables you to select the callers that should be forwarded to the voicemail when they call you. When you see the list of callers you may not only choose whom you want to talk to, but also you will have an opportunity to provide requested information very quickly. You can set up and change call screening settings through Syteg's Control Panel to match your specific needs. You can choose to be connected to the call from the VIP customer, while prioritizing all of your calls, since you will be able to see who is calling. There are different extensions to screen all your calls - you can tune up this application in accordance with your needs.

Call Announcement

Call announcement is another effective tool that will help you in your interactions with customers to provide comprehensive support to your callers. Along with advanced call screening service, call announcement tool can be very helpful too. By using this feature you can create an audio recording file when you answer the phone. It could be very instrumental when you want other people to listen to the conversation, which will allow you to answer several extensions using just one phone.

Call Whisper

Another great tool that we offer is called call whisper. This tool can request a caller to introduce himself/herself before forwarding a call. Most of the customer-oriented companies have been using this tool for years and it is hard to imagine that once there was a time when they did not have it.

If you still hesitate whether you should have the aforementioned features in your system or not, please, contact our office for more information.



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