Syteg Affiliate Program

In call center business as well as in managing website business, customer satisfaction is crucial. If you and your company make product recommendations, you may greatly benefit from entering into affiliate program offered by Syteg. Within our affiliate program that we offer to our clients, you will be able to earn reasonable commissions, track your actions as well as recommendations, and review reports.

Reasons to Join Syteg Affiliate Program:

By joining our affiliate program you become eligible for earning up to 10% commissions of your recommendation. In addition, there is no any fee to join the program and become Syteg Affiliate.

How Partner Program Works

  • You need to sign up for affiliate program and pass two step application.
  • When we receive your application, we will provide you with affiliate account, discount codes, and all necessary information required.
  • You distribute those discount codes to various businesses and entrepreneurs, and other potential clients recommending our services.
  • When potential clients enter your discount code, they are granted the discount for using our services. At the same time, you will receive your commissions on this recommendation in the amount of 5-10%. Please, note that your commissions will not be paid in full at once but will be paid be in installments every time the new client uses our services.
  • When you have successful recommendations, you can track your earnings from them in our system.

As a Syteg Affiliate, you will receive all necessary tools to make recommendations. On our part, we will handle all other steps and procedures, including order processing, billing, and compensating. What’s required from you is to talk to your clients and recommend our services to earn attractive commissions.

Commission rates

You earn higher commissions when you recommend and, thus, sell more. To earn up to 10% sales commissions, become Syteg affiliate today.

Monthly sales Commission rate
Less than US $5,000 5%
US $5,001 to US $10,000 6%
US $10001 to US $15000 7%
US $15001 to US $20000 8%
US $20001 to US $25000 9%
US $25001 to US $30000 10%
Join Syteg Affiliate Program



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