Incentives from the Government for Call Center Location

In order to make a location more attractive you cannot avoid giving a part of your income to different institutions. The governments are aware of different ways to sweeten the pot: Tax breaks for real estate. You may receive a … Continue reading

Call Centers In Big Cities. Real Estate

The least thing you have to worry about is call centers located outside of big cities. There is plenty of space for call centers that can be easily customized in accordance with one’s specific needs and requirements. The thing you … Continue reading

Educational Centers. Call Center Location

It is obvious that students, especially senior students are an excellent source for the call center workforce. Call center location that is next to educational centers such as colleges or universities may give you an opportunity to employ transient workers. … Continue reading

Labor Quality for the Call Centers

Every good call center manager knows that call centers usually draw the working force from the marginally employed. Those include people like students, housewives with flexible schedules, recent graduates or people who have part time jobs. If there is a … Continue reading

Arranging a Call Center

Before you decide to buy a switch, employ staff, install necessary software, provide proper training for the agents, and finally before you make the first call, you have to look for a place where you can locate your contact center. … Continue reading