Different Departments and Planning

Accommodation of different departments.  Your call center will function effectively if you properly plan your call center deployment. Even if primary costs might be slightly higher thoughtful planning will result in productivity of your employees, which subsequently increase grow your … Continue reading

Labor Safety, Office Space and the ADA

What Factors Should Affect Your Design? The ADA Federal Law. The Americans With Disabilities Act should have serious influence on your call center design. You are to be aware that ADA is civil rights law but it is to be … Continue reading

Convenience At Work

Create comfortable working conditions for your agents and improve their job performance at the same time. There is hardly anything more important than convenience of your call center agents to improve the quality of your customer service and support. Devoted … Continue reading

Call Center Industry in India

India is the country where English speaking and highly educated technical workforce is paid with much lower salary, if compared to the USA or Europe. This has resulted in multiple efforts on the part of large companies to utlize this … Continue reading

Call Center Locations in Latin America

Due to the Datamonitor report, call center locations are likely to be established in Mexico as it is the most financially suitable alternative for call center investments. The staggering development indicates that the amount of agent positions will grow from … Continue reading

Call Centers Outsourcing

It is forecasted that by 2013 the number of outsourced call center agents working oversees will be doubled. Due to recent research the number will be growing at least until 2015. If correctly utilized, this data can define the priorities … Continue reading

Call Centers in the USA

The population rate in such major cities as Phoenix and Las Vegas has risen greatly causing the deployment of new call centers. Few studies carried out could hardly indicate the aprroximate location of most of these centers; however, they could … Continue reading

International Call Centers

It is known that software and hardware companies such as Microsoft and Intel have set up their call centers to answer customers’ questions concerning the same product lines which are sold domestically. In addition, a vast number of hotel chains … Continue reading