The way to make it work

There are different ways to install CTI. They could be both right and wrong. That is why various aspects need to be reviewed in order to make them function properly. Internally directed plan is one of the main elements to … Continue reading

CTI Components

Making all pieces of CTI system work together properly requires high-scale synchronization and integration of products and vendors at all levels. Basic hardware and conjunctive elements make the bottom layer of CTI system. The essential conjunctive elements include voice and … Continue reading

Usage of Computer Telephony

Interactive voice response system is the front-end of the computerized business phone system, which logs recorded responses to callers. The system allows using computerized self-service application to inform the customers, decreasing time required for live agent’s help, and lowering company’s … Continue reading

Scope of CTI

The tentative solutions offered to PBX system vendors to open up their phone switches turned out to be a beneficial set of technologies. It was achieved partly due to high need to adopt common technical standards for both vendors and … Continue reading

The Dawn of CTI

The history of telecom is quite anomalous. The telecom systems and networks that were designed and implemented in the 20th century have been unmatched even by the development of microprocessors and computers in terms of computational and networking engineering. While … Continue reading

Computer Telephone Integration

The top priority of every company is a customer. It focuses its activity on tracing the calls, rendering services, doing sales and getting the orders. To improve the relationships with the customers every business company should ease the ways of … Continue reading

New Approach to Transaction and Order Processing

What can add to the efficiency of the outbound call campaign? There should be a new approach to transaction and order processing aimed at enhancing its productivity. To ensure that, there should be an incorporation of two systems, i.e. the call … Continue reading

Telemarketing Software Functions

One more of the range of telemarketing software functions is list management. It means that the software uses the information from the company’s database and arranges a calling list. It is also possible to rearrange or clear the current calling … Continue reading

Advanced Telemarketing and Scripting Solutions

Undoubtedly, upgrading telemarketing software is cost-based, but such investments always pay their way and are compensated in the short run. In about a half-year of consistent use the cloud call center companies that have invested into scripting and telemarketing software … Continue reading

New Approach to Existing Technologies

A new approach to existing technologies of answer detecting is aimed at getting outbound telemarketing calls on the right track. Outbound dialing is not among the technological novelties, but much yet remains to be done. The latest dialers are much … Continue reading