Call Screening

Call Screening features allow businesses to effectively utilize the information about the callers and products. With Syteg calling features there will be no need to repeat the same information all over again; call screening service has been designed to improve the productivity of your call center agents and save time and energy of your customers. Your operators will also save their time, because there also won't be a need to re-enter information many times. Before forwarding a call a speaker is supposed to tell his name first. When answering the phone this name is played back to the listener that allows one to answer the caller in a polite and friendly manner. The speaker may or may not name himself/herself, but it is not really important to the listener since the one will be able to see the name on the screen.

Syteg Call Screening Services

Call screening feature of Syteg SSP enables operator identify callers’ details even before he answers the call, it also displays history of the calls as well chat and e-mail history. Call screen phone service is important application to any business regardless of the size and number of customers.

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By leveraging Syteg call screening features the callers will be more satisfied with the service you provide since they won't have to repeat not only their name but any other required information. We do our best to satisfy our customers and turn each interaction into a success. Syteg call center services allow your operators to work with more enthusiasm while utilizing call screening features. Syteg SSP has specially been designed to integrate computers and traditional telephone systems into one effective communications platfrom. We can offer a wide range of services and applications that will be able to improve certain areas of your business performance. You can select only those tools that you think your business needs without spending your resources on the things you don't really need.

Recognize your caller right away

Syteg call screening application collects all customers' data and personal information including name, position, and the field of occupation. Call screening can identify a person with whom you will talk helping you to provide excellent customer support in a polite and friendly manner. Our call screening service could be very handy in your office as well as at home.

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