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Online storage has become a necessity for those who seek development in today's technologically advanced business environment. The greater, the better – this is the motto businesses and individuals follow in their choice of online storage capacities. Most business managers believe that high capacity storage can become a distinct advantage for businesses, since the volume of information to be stored constantly increases and previous models of online storage systems can no longer handle greater volume of information.

Store your voicemail, email and fax messages online!

Syteg SSP offers high capacity cloud storage which enables user to record events, calls, chats, emails, create tickets within the system itself. It also allows access to the stored data online 24/7. More storage space may be available for you on demand.

Syteg SSP Call Center Station

Today virtual office systems do not surprise anyone. Millions of people around the world use services of a virtual office receptionist, but as the amount of information available to customers increases, traditional approaches to virtual office management become obsolete. Businesses seek new systems that will allow them to store their information without maintaining huge external hard drives. This is why running high capacity online storage will become a reasonable step for thousands of people and entrepreneurs who wish to effectively manage the information.

The larger, the better cloud storage service

High capacity online storage from Syteg holds a promise to resolve multiple data storage concerns. With a virtual office receptionist and high capacity online storage service businesses will be able to achieve greater flexibility and decentralization. With our high capacity online storage, businesses will also have greater freedom and capacity to act in the market. Our solutions have been designed to ensure that you have continuous 24/7 access to the information, which would add strength and competitiveness to your virtual office receptionist. With us you can store up to 100 MB of fax, voicemail, and email messages. Syteg SSP system offers an opportunity to store up to 6,000 messages without carrying a hard drive on your back. Nevertheless, you can always purchase more storage space in accordance with your needs.

It is high time for you to forget about the difficulties you typically experience when you want to store large volumes of information online. With our storage capacities, one will be able to enhance business performance while improving company's data management. With Syteg your communications with customers and suppliers will become much more effective. Customers will be pleased to see how quickly you can retrieve information and provide it upon customers' requests. Our virtual office receptionist along with Syteg's applications will become a perfect solution to improve your customer service.


Ordering our services willl allow you to significantly improve your business standing. However, you can hardly expand the potential of your company without having a high capacity online storage. With us you will have a great chance to outperform your rivals!

Call us today and we will help you to manage your online content more effectively!



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