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It is quite obvious that Internet technologies have become an important part of our life and today we cannot imagine neither our life nor any business without it. Email (electronic mail, e-mail, mailbox, webmail) as one of the most popular means of communications brought by Internet, has substituted traditional mail as it had become the fastest and the most convenient way of communication. Nowadays, no successful business can exist without organized email service; it has become an integral part of any company to facilitate information exchange. Syteg SSP Email Software also serves as the main tool for providing necessary information to existing and prospective clients ensuring ongoing customer support.

Emails cover about 92% of customer service

All business owners as well as ordinary people often add their email address not only to their websites, but also on their business cards, brochures, products, packaging, annual reports, business letters, and other important forms of business documents. This kind of communication is really convenient and most people prefer to exchange information via email. Many customers who don't have much time to chat with online support choose to email an inquiry rather than to call the office. Email Application allows one to save time for customers and your agents since you can choose a convenient time when you want to compose an email. There is no need to waste time writing letters on paper and sending them through traditional mail; though this type of communication still exists, it has already became an outdated way of communication for most of successful businesses.

Syteg SSP email features

  • Secure messaging
  • Updated anti-virus program
  • Online address book
  • Out forwarding
  • Spam filter

The effectiveness of email technology is obvious as it meets all customer expectations and requirements. By using email management tools from Syteg SSP business owners can easily improve customer satisfaction rates, promote company’s reputable image, reduce operational costs, increase income rates and improve agents' productivity.

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Syteg SSP offers effective tools to integrate email, live chats, inboound and outbound calling system and support tickets into one essential mechanism.

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