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800 Numbers

The 800 prefix means that you are dialing a toll-free number. Most people realize that referring to “800 numbers” or “1-800 numbers” means referring to a customer-oriented business; calling this kind of numbers costs no money for a caller. Choosing 800 numbers may be a great benefit for your company as it will present you as a customer-oriented company which cares about providing online support to its customers completely for free. Your business will be constantly available to your customers, thus increasing your solid reputation and trustworthiness.

Telephone Free 800 Business Numbers

800 numbers provide customers with more guarantees about your professional image and reputation than any other toll-free numbers. Most customers are just used to trust 800 numbers. They believe that it is an evidence of stability and reliability of businesses. The 800 prefix is relatively older than other toll-free number prefixes like 888, 866 and 877. That is why your customers are more likely to choose 800 number instead of those that start from 888 or others, because they are used to trust companies with 800 numbers for decades.

Virtual office and 800 Numbers

Successful business is pretty much impossible without virtual phone system with friendly greeting, custom hold music, call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, messaging and 800 number. These are the features which make positive impression on customers and increase your chances to attract attention of potential clients. Dialing your office with 800 toll-free number, the customers will have the awareness that they are calling the right place. That is the way how your virtual office can greatlybenefit your business.

Virtual phone system from Syteg has specifically been designed to equip businesses with a powerful web console to connect customers with your office and manage your business in a more fast, convenient and efficient manner. Virtual office can also help your business provide better customer service, thus opening new development opportunities.

Make Your Company Sound Bigger

If you are running a small company, 800 numbers will help you sound bigger and more established, as customers are used to trust companies which offer toll-free numbers, especially those with 800 prefix. It is important for every business to make positive impression on its customers by providing 800 numbers; any business will sound more established and professional with its help.

You are welcome to order 800 numbers offered by our company! We are available 24/7 for your convenience.