Syteg SSP

Advanced Call Routing

Advanced call routing system is an additional service which can allow callers to reach you via an extension number wherever you are. It is widely used in doctors` and law offices as well as for private purposes. It is very convenient to communicate with one's clients or colleagues no matter where you are by just activating advanced call routing system. You will never miss an important business call with advanced call routing service. Syteg offers effective phone systems with a wide range of helpful applications and features to improve your business flow and enhance revenue. Advanced call routing is just one of the services that we offer; though one of the most popular too.

With advanced call routing system you can also include 800 toll-free number into the system for better automatic routing of inbound calls. This feature is based upon the following criteria: area code, zip code, customer value, language, caller ID, status, skills, etc. Administrators can manage inbound calls in real time through self-administration tools using our website browser. Advanced call routing service is available to employees, call centers, franchises and home-based agents to ensure effective inbound call management.

Advanced call routing service is an effective solution to manage inbound calls in a professional way

  • Enables you to route calls on a set day (special days, holidays, time of a day or week)
  • Allows origin-dependant routing
  • Allows time-dependant routing
  • Customizes all calls
  • Maintains menu structure
  • Allows emergency rerouting
  • Helps to successfully manage all of the inbound calls

Call routing system features

This service is compatible with any phone system and requires no additional software or hardware. You can purchase call routing system from Syteg a reasonable price as we understand that you probably cannot afford to spend too much. Syteg users can view browser-based reports, evaluate advertising campaigns, and ROI metrics, while analyzing the efficiency of the system. It can become your key to success if you want to improve your customer service and attract more clients. This system also provides a great opportunity to advertise toll-free numbers.

Syteg offers a wide range of services that are able to improve your business interactions with your customers and make you feel more comfortable in your business setting. Advanced call routing is just one of many services offered by our company to help you succeed.

For more information about our advanced call routing system or any other service, please, contact our customer support team!