Syteg SSP

Automatic Notification System

Automated notifications from Syteg SSP System is a perfect tool for those who seek effective call notification software to enhance business performance. Low cost, high operating speed, reminders, phone alerts, and automated email — these are just a few of numerous advantages of our web-based automatic notification system services. With the help of Syteg SSP applications, your marketing campaigns can be launched without undue delay. Our automated notification service is a great tool for your call center agents, as it will enable them to use time more efficiently and improve customer relationships.

Automated notifications have been specifically designed to

  •  improve the work efficiency
  •  maximize the potential of your call center
  •  minimize the responsibilities of call center agents allowing them to focus on their primary duties
  •  raise the customer satisfaction rate
  •  maintain records of operational statistical data and case histories
  •  lower the overall costs
  •  avoid maintenance and infrastructure expenses

Automatic notification system will enable you to reduce expenditures and eventually enhance your business performance. Automating routine processes will enable you to reduce the expenditures and eventually enhance your business performance. This service has been used by many companies and despite the fact that it seems to be very insignificant application, it actually can become an effective tool that will help you manage customer service more efficiently.

Cloud Call Notification Software

Automatic notifications of status updates, offers made in advance as well as reminders of significant issues facilitate long lasting and mutually beneficial relations with customers. Our cloud-based call center solution can also identify live contacts and answer-back devices automatically selecting only the most appropriate messages (email alerts) to be delivered depending on circumstances. You can enable the option of forwarding the customer calls directly to the agents in order to resolve complex problems(phone alerts), while the Syteg SSP software will manage routine calls. By using emergency automated notifications and reminders you can easily save time, - one of the most valuable assets of your business.

Our automatic notification system has been specifically designed to minimize the cost of customer service. Syteg SSP call notification software can save both your time and money by preventing single-type inbound calls caused by some special events, e.g. billing, payments, salaries, etc. The call center agents will finally get rid of these time-consuming responsibilities, thus lowering the cost of every interaction.

Automated notification service, just like all Syteg applications, is user-friendly and thus can be used on the on-demand basis. Please don't hesitate to contact us in order to find out more about our services.