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800 Toll-Free Numbers

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Needless to say, the task of choosing the most appropriate long-distance services was once a simple task: you simply needed to choose what suited your budgets and estimated costs. Now everything has become much more complicated, and this complexity transcends all levels and aspects of your cooperation with call centers and virtual office receptionists.

However, today’s difficulties are not limited to choosing the most appropriate service and the growing number of additional, value-added initiatives.

Before 1993, you had absolutely no freedom getting and managing 800 toll-free numbers. If you wanted to have a 800 toll-free number, you had to find a company that had custody of the desired number. You had no right to bring your number with you or change toll-free number carriers. Especially when the use of toll-free services was an important element of branding and marketing, you had absolutely no flexibility in your marketing decisions.

1993 changed everything, bringing greater freedom and flexibility in the use of 800 toll-free numbers. In 1993, the principles and systems of 800 portability were reorganized, turning the dynamic of the entire telecom industry. The ways in which businesses could acquire and manage 800 toll-free numbers were changed completely. Since 1993, portability has become the defining feature of the toll-free telecom development, giving owners the full custody over their 800 toll-free numbers. Since then, owners of toll-free numbers have acquired a chance to switch from one services carrier to another. This, in turn, had to motivate call centers and virtual office receptionists to manage their services more effectively. Today, portability defines the quality of call centers and their relations with customers. Call centers and virtual office receptionists work hard to retain and expand their clientele base. Being tremendous consumers of long-distance services, call centers and telecom services carriers have learned how to make deals with customers. They know that, once you decide to change the provider, you will take your toll-free number with you. As a result, they are interested in providing new sophisticated features and free-of-charge options, simply to keep your business work with them. Simultaneously, one of your main tasks is to make sure you have service arrangements with more than one carrier. Thus, in case you wish to leave, you will avoid service disruptions with your clients. These are also the arrangements that enable you to make relevant monthly comparisons and choose the carrier that best serves your needs and meets your expectations.

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