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Call Center Industry in India

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India is the country where English speaking and highly educated technical workforce is paid with much lower salary, if compared to the USA or Europe. This has resulted in multiple efforts on the part of large companies to utlize this benefit to ensure substantial cost-savings.

The population of the country consists of 250 million highly educated middle class prospective. Furthermore, their compensation costs are 1/10th as compared to 1/8th that of workforce in the UK and USA. Due to the extensive middle class, developing domestic market for call center services is essential. However, such workforce availability means nothing more but a low turnover. However, only 6-10% of savings earned in India are usually invested in training and staffing.

Due to the research conducted by British experts, call center managers have become aware of the labor cost benefits of outsourcing to Indian companies. While many of them still worry about accent, and communications continuity in addition to country’s fiscal and political stability, others have been enjoying the benefits of such outsourcing solutions.

According to the results of the vertical market survey, software/IT telecom and many different services were more entitled to take into consideration outsourcing to India.

Therefore, when you are selecting a specific site for your call center, do not get stuck on one web page. Open your eyes to new opportunities waiting just around the corner, both foreign and domestic ones. You must get off the beaten way. Beneficial bargains are out there at your service as well as attractive locations that can become long-term homes for call centers. The most crucial thing ihn this case is to work with various economic development officials and to be flexible. There is no need for you to set up a new call center in a metropolitan, Midwest or the USA. However, the choice is yours!

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