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Call Center Locations in Latin America

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Due to the Datamonitor report, call center locations are likely to be established in Mexico as it is the most financially suitable alternative for call center investments. The staggering development indicates that the amount of agent positions will grow from 51,000 in 2011 to 190,000 in 2013. Mexico has proven that it can provide high quality services to Spanish speaking potential buyers due to its geographical call center location.

Furthermore, the Datamonitor report has emphasized certain advantages of attracting call center investments.

Thus, Mexico is thought to be a politically stable country with healthy economy and perfect geographical location, while it boarders with the United States of America. In addition, it is the member of North American Free Trade Agreement that has an inexpensive bilingual workforce. Taking into account these advantages, Mexico can effectively serve and provide support for offshore customers. The USA government stated that approximately 20 million (12% of the population) Americans were Hispanic in 2000.

Mexico occupies a considerable share of the call center market in CALA. For this very reason, there are even more opportunities to be utilized for the business benefit. It is expected that the amount of call center agent positions will dramatically grow by 2013. However, the number of challenges some nations are bound to face will grow respectively.

The Datamonitor report also indicates that due to the economic turmoil Argentina will not become a significant part of call center development in years to come.

With the advent of Orbis Telecom, call center location selection process have become much easier as horizons for contact center locations have been significantly expanded. For instance, before the installation of PCs and headsets were needed only to get call centers in Ecuador up and running. Orbis can simply control the desktops to ensure effective services and technical support.

Orbis’ headquarter is located in Florida, including the agencies located in Ecuador along with English/Spanish speaking agents. Orbis provides inbound and outbound services in both languages. Due to the VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, Orbis reduces the cost of supporting call center agents in Ecuador, thus

CosmoCom’s CEO Ari Sonesh says, “Outsourced call centers are seeking for various opportunities to reduce expenditure costs on offshore human working force and maintain quality service at the same time. However, it costs a lot to unify offshore and onshore facilities with conservative telephone circuits. ”

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