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Create comfortable working conditions for your agents and improve their job performance at the same time. There is hardly anything more important than convenience of your call center agents to improve the quality of your customer service and support. Devoted employees will work much better and you will be able to save money on hiring and training.

Call center interior design should be carefully chosen taking into account color balance, furnitures, and obviously workstations' functionality. Properly chosen furnitures will speed up the process and improve quality of service. Finally you will benefit from spending just a little bit more on comfortable atmosphere of your call center, creating an environment, where people would enjoy their work.

Well-thought organization of you call center environment will make you agents enjoy their work and as a result sell more.

We are not going to share necessary information about networking or cabling in a call center. That's not our intent; we don't want to go that far. Instead, we would like you to consider the following aspects:
  1. Your workstation units should have a free access to the cables and phone wires.
  2. When choosing your call center's interior design make sure that your voice equipment and data networking are installed and configured professionally. Special needs of telecom and computer equipment should be considered after consulting administrator of your IT department. (For instance, never install your ACD system next to the cafeteria).
  3. When your call center wiring is all set and done, make sure it is easily accessible and can be upgraded later without ripping apart floors, walls, or ceilings.

Some design experts still have doubts whether a design of your call center can actually affect profits of your company directly. However, most business owners that run call centers claim it can.

Modern researchers have discovered that most of business expenses are spent on salaries rather than working environment and design of the offices. It is highly unlikely that only design of your building will increase productivity of employees. However, it is not advised to underestimate the importance of comfortable working environment. Numerous questionnaires were studied to prove that many qualified workers would rather choose lower pay than poor working conditions. Some business owners should reconsider the opportunities they get when investing in convenient working stations, phones, and furniture.

It is certainly very important, although health and safety are definitely main factors to be considered. No call center will function successfully without thoughtful design and comfortable atmosphere.

Simple calculations demonstrate that very affordable investment in call center facilities can positively impact agents' productivity and grow income within a year. Computers, working tables, broadband internet will not cost you a fortune but properly organized office space will make every business prosper.

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