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When you order a Syteg SSP cloud software from our company it will be installed in our data center, which is designed in accordance with latest technologies; you will be able to configure all the settings via your personal account online in order to address your specific needs. By using our virtual phone system

  • You won't need to install any software
  • You won`t have to purchase any hardware
  • You won't need to hire a technician or IT specialist
  • You won`t have to spend a lot of money on maintenance

To use Virtual Phone System you do not even need the Internet connection; all incoming calls will be routed to your phone, which eliminates the need for IP phones, adopters or routers.

Effective VoIP solution

VoIP is a perfect solution for communication purposes, as it is much cheaper than regular telephones. You pay much more to your phone companies than your Virtual Office will cost to you. There also will be an opportunity to add new extensions to the office phone numbers and extra minutes to your monthly plan. All of the operations could be done virtually via your online account 24/7. Our service has the capacity for extensions as soon as you think you need those.

Efficiency and effectiveness

Your Virtual Office phone number will provide your clients with fast and easy access to the information by just clicking a button, i.e. your callers may get to know your working hours, sales opportunities, talk to your staff - all by themselves. Also, you can operate online and update your Virtual Office from any location, where there is the Internet connection even using your cell phone. This is very useful because you can have an access to your browser in case you need to edit your settings wherever you are.

You can modify your settings

Once you sign up for Virtual Office phone number, your new local phone number will be activated with all necessary features. You may even have several phone numbers, if needed. Then you can modify your settings via your online account and Virtual Office will be functioning for you twenty four hours a day. These are really powerful features that can benefit your business and constantly grow your sales. Make up your mind and choose Virtual Office.

Sign up today and enjoy all the benefits of our services right away!

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