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International Call Centers

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It is known that software and hardware companies such as Microsoft and Intel have set up their call centers to answer customers’ questions concerning the same product lines which are sold domestically. In addition, a vast number of hotel chains as well as air lines cope with customers’ calls on a daily basis. Thus, they give a helping hand with accommodation and location matters and provide information on travelling outside the USA.

For such companies boarders do not exist when it comes to customer service and support.

The issues call center agents usually deal with

  • Answering calls in the corresponding language.
  • Taking orders applying the correct currency without losing money or time when exchanging it into dollars.
  • Being “non-national” or pretending to be an American company.

If you have an impression that a great number of international call centers are inbound, you got it. Telephone selling is not so commonly used outside the USA for some reason. Europe, however, has a wide range of privacy restrictions and regulations on how international call centers companies are entitled to sell their products over the phone. Insufficiency of databases and customer lists also play a crucial role.

The following factors also make a considerable contribution, for instance, long distance service prices and a multitude of languages that a small continent is packed with. Vivid changes must be made to accommodate those cultures and languages. It is now obvious that telemarketing does not possess the same economy of scale in Europe if compared to the USA.

Many bona fide companies step in at this very moment. Their customer support call center is well aware that to establish themselves on an international arena they must offer high quality assistance to the loyal customers gathered by the overseas subsidiaries, which are likely to become large companies in the future.

Telecom infrastructure, taxes and regulations, labor force and education among others - these are things to consider before deploying international call centers. However, that's not where it all ends. The comparison of the incentive packages from various countries (with different tax rates, languages, currencies and levels of technology) can be frustrating at times, but it can also help your business grow.

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