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New Approach to Existing Technologies

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A new approach to existing technologies of answer detecting is aimed at getting outbound telemarketing calls on the right track. Outbound dialing is not among the technological novelties, but much yet remains to be done. The latest dialers are much more powerful and efficient than those of previous generations, however, people got used to putting up the phones when they see unknown numbers or hear no voice.

DirectQuest - new tool for call centers

According to the statistical evidence, about sixty-seventy percent of call center customers ignore call center outbound calls or hang up immediately. A new tool called DirectQuest developed as a new approach to existing technologies is supposed to reduce annoying factors of outbound calls. It integrates traditional and new technologies that enable the system to communicate with the public phone network directly at two levels (control and command); therefore, it differs from long-established predictive dialing systems. Designers of a new tool claim that answer detecting rate can reach 100 %.

Customer service call centers that use DirectQuest in their everyday activity are granted an outbound call fines exemption since they adhere to FCC, FTC and other state regulations. Nowadays, the industry of outbound call centers is passing through times of troubles and it is not easy to stay in business. Call centers are given a hostile reception of consumers; they face numerous limitations and regulatory restrictions. Such a crisis is caused by the peculiarities of predictive dialing systems which recognize only noises and take a long time to distinguish that the call has been taken. The DirectQuest solution has been long hoped for. It responds to network signals instead of voice and noise energy.

The basis of all predictive dialing systems available on the present day market is the DSP technology, i.e. digital signal processing approach that can determine the effectiveness of every outbound call attempt via analysis of noise and silence patterns. The manufacturers establish certain criteria for such a pattern of a taken phone call. In case noise energy with the following period of silence matches these criteria, the call is transferred to a call center agent.

DirectQuest is a new approach to existing technologies which differs from traditional answer detecting methods. It means the response is to the off hook communication sent back to the switch at the central office from the answered phone call. It is the same message that phone service companies apply in order to do billing. DirectQuest uses a different approach. It responds via transferring the calls and all the relevant data to an available call center agent. To route the connected call and the message to the agent takes some tenths of a second. The customer has time to say Hello! and the call center agent is immediately ready to respond.

The server based DirectQuest is a software application on the modular basis capable of managing the calls via the centralized network of CTI interface and distributed digital softswitches of the company.

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