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The Whole Truth about DNC Regulations

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What is a Do-Not-Call list? This is a set of principles and guidelines that regulate a national level registry of phone numbers which are not allowed for outbound marketing in America. However, typically the call center industry is mostly of the inbound type. What is the reason of such limitations? Do you want to learn the whole truth about DNC regulations?

Basically, DNC regulations have relevance to the customers who are annoyed with home bound telemarketing call center services. Mass media enjoy playing mind sports with the audience whose annoyance gives rise to Do-Not-Call movement aimed at saving the consumers from harassment on the part of various business companies and call centers.

Is it the whole truth about DNC regulations?

Definitely not! The underlying conditions are more multi-faceted and cynical. For instance, all the phone numbers of a particular customer get into the database of numbers forbidden for use. So, no home call center agents call them in order to sell some credit card or offer an unwanted service. No more interrupted meals, repetitive offers or invading their privacy. Sounds great, isn’t it?

A short time later it becomes clear that the practical effect of a Do-Not-Call phone number almost equals to zero. The DNC regulations used to put individual telemarketing under restraint, actually, have got numerous loopholes to enable those who benefit from calling you to justify their actions. The tangible result of a Do-Not-Call policy is a compliance standard that makes it possible for a telemarketing industry to claim and justify the honesty of their business practices. They can even circumvent the regulations and have almost no fear of sanctions taken against them.

Finally, clients are being called again. In fact, they cannot tell the difference between the companies that adhere to all the DNC regulations and those which never do. So, the rules and regulations have gradually turned into a smokescreen that does not save any consumers from irritating calls.

Even being aware of the whole truth about DNC regulations, a lot of industries are willing to maintain certain rules. Does it make sense? Not really, those limitations do not change the business behavior of any telemarketing company that violates the Do-Not-Call policy. Such companies operate paying no regard to regulatory environment and casting a shade on those which are of good standing.

What will be the effect on typical consumers?

They get disillusioned and frustrated with all the companies they receive the calls from. They will perceive all the phone calls as hard sell approach aimed at imposing the services and goods they do not need. They will think of all call centers and companies that try to reach them on the phone as telemarketers. Both outbound and inbound industries no matter whether they stick to the DNC regulations will end up in deep disgrace.

And yet, the Do-Not-Call policy is binding and every call center or business company must comply with the regulations. Every dialer vendor is obliged to provide all the required information regarding the proper and effective use of their equipment.

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