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The number of callers that are contacting companies constantly increases on a daily basis. As a result, businesses and entrepreneurs need professional call center systems to deal with their customers in a professional and timely manner. It is no secret that every call and every contact comes at a cost. The more calls agents make, the more money it costs for companies. Contemporary business environment pressures organizations to improve their productivity and reduce their costs in order to succeed. This is why reducing the costs of communications and calls can become a key factor of one's business growth.

Unique cloud call center system with the most sophisticated technical features integrated

Our system is a unique and advanced call center system that can be used as a reliable supplement to communications and sales operations in your business regardless of its type and size. It has already become extremely popular among businesses that use it to monitor telephone lines and acquire a toll-free numbers. However, the more customers contact such companies, the more loaded these toll-free lines become. Therefore, organizations need unlimited extensions to manage their call operations more productively.

Unlimited extensions will boost your business performance in the long run

Unlimited extensions enable you and your call center agents to receive more calls, generate leads and turn them into sales, while helping to effectively compete with your market rivals. With the help of this service you simply allow more customers to contact you without any connectivity issues. You can also develop a complex metrics system for your unlimited extensions to monitor your telephone lines and performance of call center representatives. Access the data related to the amount of calls transferred to particular extensions, an average length of a call and the amount of time spent by your contact center agents to resolve customer complaints.

Each extension will be linked to its call forwarding service, as well as the message delivery and voicemail settings. This is how your call center agents can customize their extensions. No matter how many employees you have, with unlimited extensions everyone can have his/her own line. In such a way, you do not simply facilitate the delivery of quality customer care but also create an attractive image of your business. Use our advanced call center system to make your small business sound like a global professional company.

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