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As your business grows, sooner or later you will face the problem of managing your customers and appointments effectively. Let's assume you already have an excellent virtual office system that manages your calls and messages, but you constantly are anxious about your employees to forget about an important appointment and, as a result, lose a chance to expand your business and damage your reputation. If you have already tried pretty much everything to improve your business standing, but you are gradually coming to realize that your virtual office receptionist is not enough to grant you enough development opportunities, then adding new features to your virtual office system would be a good start. That's where Syteg steps up to offer you a voice message broadcasting service, which will help you deliver automatic appointment messages to dozens of employees and customers.

Broadcast your voice messages automatically and do not forget about your appointments!

Syteg’s systems have been designed to improve business performance and make one available for customers. By using our voice message broadcasting you will be able to deliver dozens of appointment reminders without violating any laws or regulations concerning communication. You will see for yourself that with our voice message broadcasting service your virtual office receptionist will become twice as productive as it used to be. Our system of voice message broadcasting will utilize your calling lists to dial numbers, automatically detect busy lines, and deliver pre-recorded messages to those you want. Our voice messaging broadcasting system has been designed to allow avoiding ‘do-not-call’ numbers, which reduces your costs and improves your productivity. Through your voice message broadcasting system new callers can be easily added onto the calling lists and even get connected to your agents directly. As far as the system is connected to your virtual office receptionist, you are free to use its call handling capabilities to the fullest – convert speech into text and personalize your automated messages.

Voice message broadcasting provides you with an opportunity to reach customers before they reach your competitors

Moreover, you will finally be able to reduce your staffing costs by automating a great number of standard calls that are usually carried out by your employees. You know that your employees are bound to carry a number of obligations and even your virtual office receptionist cannot always alleviate the burden of those routine calls. Consequentially, your employees have to spend hours making these calls, while other responsibilities do not get the needed attention. With the voice message broadcasting system you will finally have more time to devote to your customers, while our system will take care of the calling routine. Also, our system will make you more proactive in your relations with customers and you will be able to use our voice message broadcasting to contact your customers and inform them once new products and services are available.

We also have a number of other voice messaging resources. Contact us now and we will tell you how to manage your messages in an effective manner!

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