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Voice messaging services are becoming more and more popular nowadays; large businesses claim that having a voice messaging system will certainly be a benefit for both your company and its employees. Voicemail messaging services serve as a link between the company and your customers as it provides one more way to contact your agents even if they are too busy to answer a call. Your clients will not have to wait until the lines are no longer busy - they will be able to leave a message instead and quit worrying about when he/she could reach you. Besides, who wants to stay online waiting to get connected without knowing how much time it may take? Time is one of the most valuable resources and your customers probably don't want to waste it waiting online. Even if you have the best virtual office receptionist in the world, it still would not replace voicemail messaging services.

Voice Mail Services as Our Product

Syteg offers voice messaging services in order to help you manage your contacts and relations with other businesses and your clients effectively. With the help of voice mail services from Syteg you will be able to receive and send voice messages from any location. To make your communication with businesses and customers even more convenient, your voice messages will be delivered directly to your email account. In this case, you don’t need to stay connected to your landlines; instead you simply need an Internet connection to check your messages. With our voice messaging services you will no longer depend on your virtual office receptionist when you are away. All you will have to do is to have your laptop connected to the Internet and you will be able to check your voice messages redirected by our system to your email account. Forget about the dozens of phone calls you had to make in the past to learn whether or not you had new voice messages. From now on we take responsibility for managing and coordinating your voice messages.

Hosted voice messaging services

If you run a business and feel that you cannot effectively manage the growing number of voice messages, you may want to consider using our Syteg SSP system and sign up for it. With our voice messaging service you will be able to check your messages once they arrive to your phone, even if you find yourself thousands miles away from your primary business location. Your customers and partners will not even know that you are travelling, since our voice messaging services bring you closer to your customers and let your partners send voice messages directly to your email account or cell phone. Hosted voice messaging services allow a company to connect its on-premises phone system to voice mail services provided by Syteg SSP. Voice mail messages are recorded and stored in the Syteg virtual office infrastructure, allowing users to access their voice messages from web access, or mobile phones. All telephony connections to SSP require voice-over-IP (VoIP) protocols.

Today emerging technologies have a huge impact on business performance and even affect business priorities. Our company has always been monitoring new trends and developments that can potentially facilitate your business development. With our voice messaging services you will have everything to succeed in the competitive business environment.

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