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What workstations to choose

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Workstations types.  Numerous options of actual seats for call center agents are available on the market. Primitive cubicles are long forgotten. Contemporary call centers are designed considering special needs of the industry. Then they are constructed according to some particular demands of the companies.

Putting aside this relatively small issue can be a mistake. Often and expensive technologies and hardware are not enough for success.

There are no small things in the work of a call center.

Properly chosen design of the workstation will reduce expenses in the future. Wrong type of work­stations you choose can spoil working atmosphere or discourage your agents.

Generally speaking, three types of workstations are offered on the market: regular cluster, it reminds a pinwheel that has four to six work areas going from the core; another type is traditional panel system that consists of four wall panels for each station, all stations are set up in rows; and the last type is free-standing workstation.

Cluster workstations are the most suitable for large insurance companies or selling departments. Because such companies have to put many call center agents in the same room. The clusters are designed to fit maxim people into small space. However clever design won’t make them feel cramped.

Smart cluster arrangement will save up to 25% of the floor- space. It will also help to avoid maze effect that some other workstations create in crowded rooms.

Well-thought floor plan will make your teamwork a success since your agents will walk freely and communicate without any restrictions.

On the other hand, circular workstation arrangement can make communication between call center agents on the telephone too difficult. Cluster allows talking between workstations easily although it might be hard to come in.

Rectilinear workstations will make the best choice for those centers that need more space. Then each agent can choose panel and desk heights. The work surface can be adjusted to accommodate disabled agents or agents of different heights with the help of the notches. Rectilinear workstations are perfect for engineers or other occupations that require extra room for storage or meetings. Many technical support centers also choose rectilinear workstation to accommodate external materials like binders, references, manuals, etc. Your company activity should determine the workstation type you choose.

 To sum it up, when considering proper workstation for your call center always looks for those models that are easy to install or reconfigure later. Too many parts and pieces can complicate the process of installation. Choose a workstation that allows adding components like over­head shelves or boxes. Then make sure that the rest of your equipment can be easily connected within a panel. Try to keep the workplace free from any boxes or wires.

Local dealer is preferable since you might need some technical support in the future. If the dealer is located nearby it will be easy to update your workstation or consult regarding any future developments.

When making an investment think wise. It is very likely that your workstations will function for about ten years. So the main factor should be durability and convenience. Metal frames will certainly function longer than wooden ones. Fabric panels can be easily renovated if needed. Don’t be tempted by cheap models. Invest wise and get successful operation of your call center.

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