Syteg SSP

Call Center Customer Support

Syteg is a well established and experienced web site company, which provides different services to the customers all over the world 24/7/365. Call center customer support is an essential part of any business and industry. Syteg offers its professional support and care for call center. Syteg call center customer support could be an extension to your own business working virtually 24/7/365. We know how to fulfill your objections and provide professional call center support to the needs and requirements of your company. Syteg online management will make your call center customer support available for your customers any time of the day and night.

Customer Support Packages

Standard call center customer support package from Syteg offers only premium services to the customers, such as online and telephone connection available 24/7, the Solution Knowledge Base, access to information and database and online management system. We can identify three ways of call center customer support:

  • Telephone is a traditional means of communication. Syteg provides toll free number for better customer support and satisfaction. Our call center operators are available 24/7.
  • Customer Support Portal can be created, updated and viewed online by an easy access via login to our website any time you need. To login to the call center customer support simply select customer support and press the button to log in.
  • Email is the third way of call center customer support, which is available to the internet users at .

Premium call center customer support package from Syteg provides the first premium support to the customers 24/7. There is no need to make customer support by your own, if you are busy, let Syteg to provide this service to you. You may have a wide choice of Syteg services on your demand. Our online management will give you all necessary assistance in providing call center customer support from your home or office.

Purchasing Premium Support Package you will receive additional services, such as:

-          Consulting hours;

-          Regular account review;

-          Direct access to Tier Support;

-          Monthly usage reports;

-          Dedicated account management;

-          Personalized new release training;

-          Project coordination and monitoring;

-          Accelersted service level and defined escalation path.

Syteg also support customers with Developer Program for programmers, professionals and consultants as well as ordinary customers. Information technology ensures customers with

Top premium services and higher level of Syteg Cloud Computing Platform for call center customer support.