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Call Center Statistics

Statistics is one of the most helpful tools in evaluating the effectiveness of your business operations, especially of a call center. Syteg SSP's Call Center Statistics may be instrumental in this process, as it can provide you with the inbound and outbound calls information utilizing different automated tools. Syteg SSP has utilized real-time reporting for better customer support and care. We always strive to provide professional assistance to help you serve your customers better; therefore we offer only up-to-date solutions that will facilitate your business development.

Integrated Real-Time Information

Syteg SSP has been designed specifically to monitor Call Center Statistics by leveraging the integrated information. By utiizing real-time reporting service your opertors will be able to view real-time information about their callers and real-time emergencies in an Excel dashboard, thus enhancing opportunities to deliver excellent services to your clients. With Syteg SSP's Call Center Statistics the information about inbound and outbound calls will be collected and sent to the supervisors for creating real-time reports. Real-time reporting is an essential part of a call center, which serves to evaluate the frequency of inbound and outbound business calls as well as to help better evaluate the work flow of a virtual call center. Call center statistics is available for ACD Queues, Agents, Lists, Campaigns, and many other services.

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