Syteg SSP

Call Forwarding

Auto attendant from Syteg SSP's virtual phone forwarding system welcomes callers with special greetings and announcements when they are calling your office through a toll-free number. When customers are dialing one of your extension numbers, you can use call forwarding service to send this call to the desired number. No matter where your staff is at that moment - at home, in the office, or on the way to a different country, - they can be connected with clients through call forwarding. In case no agent is reached, it would route callers to the voicemail to leave a message. You can now forward your calls to any phone number worldwide. It also allows your customers to listen to on-hold music. This service will cost you for a small extra charge monthly, which is quite a reasonable price for this application.

Forward your calls to any phone worldwide with Syteg toll-free or local number

Your call forwarding settings may be modified any time you need. The Automated Call Distribution (ACD system), on the other hand, will help you to set up ring groups, for instance, round-robin call rotation. You can also change your on-hold music using Automated Call Distribution system as it is always better to listen to the different kind of music when waiting for an agent to answer. When ordering our services you will choose from our music libraries.

While dialing a toll-free number, your customers will benefit from call forwarding service installed on your phone system; it would also help your business to sound bigger. Keep in mind that it is better to keep changing your on-hold music so that your returning customers would not listen to the same thing all over; it can be Jazz, Rock, House, or default music. You can add your own on-hold music for a small extra charge monthly. Instead of music you could also record any announcement or advertisement, which you want your callers to listen to when they are calling your office. When properly used, this call forwarding service may be a great tool to attract new customers before they even connect to a live operator. Small things matter so much in this kind of business.

Virtual phone forwarding system

You can make use of our virtual phone forwarding system from any part of the world. It won`t be a problem for you to forward your calls to home, office, or mobile phone any more. This service will help you to be available to your customers without missing important calls. Your callers always will be able to reach your representatives wherever they are.

You can learn more about Syteg SSP's call forwarding service on our web site or by contacting our customer support team.