Syteg SSP

Call Routing & Call Screening

Syteg System Platform (SSP) allows your business to operate more effectively offering call screening tools. Call screening feature has been designed to provide your customers with a great advantage not to repeat the same information all over again. Call screening prompts callers to introduce themselves so that the system could collect relevant information about the caller (if one has already contacted your office) before forwarding his/her call to the appropriate department. Before picking up the phone and answering  customer’s call his/her name will be played back to help an operator answer a caller pronouncing his/her name in a polite and friendly manner. Also, useful information about the customer's issue will be displayed to help one provide an excellent customer service, while effectively addressing the problem.

Call screening is an essential tool that will help you make wise decisions when routing calls. The system may screen a call immediately which is very convenient while communicating with a caller. The callers that are contacting your office via phone should know that all their personal information is going to be screened. Call screening is a great tool that could promote your business as a professional and reliable one. Even if your business is small consisting of just one or two offices, call screening will significantly improve your reputation among other companies within the market.

Handle your Calls More Efficiently with SSP Call Routing

The Syteg System Platform takes care of its customers providing only high quality call screening tools to successfully grow your business no matter how big or small it may be. Along with the Internet technologies many companies still prefer to use telephone systems to communicate with their customers and provide them with necessary support. Company owners strive to increase company’s revenue and enhance business opportunities looking for improvement tools within the communication technology environment. Today you can easily handle your calls in a more efficient manner with SSP call screening solutions.

Call Routing & Call Screening features will provide you with an advantage of using integrated computer and telephone systems to ensure outstanding customer support. For better call routing and call screening decisions Syteg's IVR and ACD utilize all contact and call data. User and campaign profiles are used to present appropriate information as well as all custom contact fields. This will help to manage information in a timely manner. Storing relevant customer information and custom call variables is an essential part of the system, which is configured by the Syteg System Platform itself. A variety of all data fields is presented as data types with display and input properties to protect data entry and properties. SSP also maintains special control to ensure security and high performance levels.

Call Screening Solution

Call screening feature can easily be installed on your telephone; it will enable you choose what call you want to answer at the first place. If you don’t want to answer a call, the system will be able redirect it to your voicemail box. You can improve your business flow and save your valuable time using call screening tool. That would also make your communication process more secure.

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