Syteg SSP

Debt Recovery Software

Debt recovery has always been one of the most challenging business endeavors. However, modern companies and financial institutions have a unique opportunity to improve their debt collection rates. Syteg SSP offers its debt recovery call center solution to help you overcome the challenge of debt collection and address your communication needs effectively. You can now focus on more important business needs, while Syteg SSP debt recovery call center software will deal with the debts, thus enabling you to enhance the improved quality of debt management procedures.

Benefits of our cloud-based debt recovery call center solution

There are many reasons why Syteg application is the most reliable solution to your contact center debt recovery issues. We have utilized cloud-based software engineering principles, which could move your company to the forefront of your market niche. Syteg’s debt recovery call center solution will enable you to:

  • Increase the rates of debt recovery
  • Reduce the costs of infrastructure maintenance
  • Eliminate costly debt collection call center procedures
  • Ensure regular compliance with the fair debt collection practices
  • Ensure effective communication between debtors and your call center representatives

You know that debt collection procedures are often associated with repeating the same information all over again to different people in order to make sure that all debts are collected on time. Our contact center debt recovery solution will enable your customer service representatives to reach more debtors without any legal or regulatory violations. Use Syteg SSP debt recovery call center software to reduce the costs of maintenance and management enabling your call center agents to operate more effectively.

Debt recovery

In the United States debt collecting agencies are not allowed to call debtors’ homes more than three times a day. Syteg SSP's application ensures your debt recovery call center operates in ways prescribed by federal law. Thus, your agents will be connected only to live debtors, avoiding the answering machines and busy lines. When your agents make manual calls, they lose time, which is so valuable in debt recovery industry. Contact only those debtors who answer phones and quit thinking about how to avoid busy lines.

Agent productivity

You can use Syteg SSP's contact center debt recovery solution to access important information about debtors within a single application and focus on the quality of your interactions with them. This way your agents won't have to spend much time searching for the relevant information. If you need more details, feel free to contact our customer service representatives today!