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Inbound and Outbound Calling

Inbound and Outbound Customer Service is a form of support provided to your client by telephone. Inbound call - it is a stage of the call center operation when customer calls in and operator attends to his needs: answers to his questions, provides him with required information etc. Outbound call – is a stage when call center operator calls to the customer in order to follow up on the progress of using their services, or notifies the client about some changes,innovations or policy updates. Outbound calls improve relations with customers, maintain mutual atmosphere, this option may be also used to inform customer about new products or simply used to inquire if customer was satisfied with received product of provided services.

Complete Call Center Software

Syteg SSP cloud call center offers an advanced software to increase customers’ satisfaction and reduce your business expenses. We have a wide range of services that can help any kind of business grow. Reasonable prices and flexible settings will enable you manage your call center efficiency, while successfully increasing business performance. You can consider the number of calls you make on a regular basis and choose the most appropriate pricing plan for your company.

Call Center administration has never been easier

We cater for inbound, outbound or blended call centers. The services that we offer will help your customer-focused business to run your operations efficiently at a very affordable price. Our IT department has developed user-friendly application and tools that can be integrated along with your business process into a single system. If you don't have any call center applications installed, Syteg SSP hosted call center will be a perfect solution to overcome your daily challenges. One of the most effective tools that we can offer is ACD for inbound call centers, as it ensures professional support of the highest level to your operators. Syteg also offers fully-integrated system for inbound and outbound calling. Call center administration has never been easier; Syteg provides an opportunity to choose several report types, call recording, and other control features to make sure you will be totally aware of the service quality. Effective work of your operators is guaranteed with Syteg Quality Monitoring, Calls Scripts, and Call Records.

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In order to start making outbound or inbound calls your agents should be equipped with computers, broadband Internet and headsets. Syteg SSP hosted call center will take care of the rest to guarantee high quality customer support. With our call center system your administrator can efficiently control and manage your agents and change your system settings in accordance with your needs. Your expenses will drop since you won’t have any additional expenses on phone lines, dedicated phone number, etc. All the settings are adjustable. It's up to you to define the workload and set call intensity plans. On our side we have continuously been mnitoring the newest trends and design appropriate applications to offer you technological solutions that may help you manage your business more effectively.

New Opportunities with Syteg

Syteg's call center services are used around the globe. The companies that choose our services will be able to provide their existing and potential customers with quality support, while your business will get constant flow of new orders. We also offer comprehensive technical support to any call center solution, no matter how big or small it is. You simply let us know about your needs and we will find the most appropriate solutions for your business. Syteg's call center services are designed to meet most sophisticated requirements of our customers.

Highly-qualified customer support is available 24/7 to ensure successful launch of your call center and flawless service of your operators.

We are constantly improving to follow the newest trends in our highly competitive business