Syteg SSP

IVR Software Solutions

Are you tired of being unable to maintain effective communications with your clients? Do you feel like your call center software no longer has a capacity to store your online communications? Do you feel you are no longer as competitive as you used to be? If that is true, this is the right time then when you may want to  re-consider the main aspects of your virtual office system. This is also the time to expand the capacity of your virtual office applications with the help of IVR software solutions from Syteg. With our IVR software solutions you will be able to deliver superior service to your customers through an interactive voice system. Our IVR solutions will also help you to reduce expenses and provide you with a sophisticated but easy-to-use interactive voice response platform that will enhance your call center performance.

When customer makes a call in order to inquire about some issue, he will talk to the IVR system first. In a nice, pre-recorded voice IVR system will guide the customer through the menu options, however if none of the provided options suite customer – he will always be able to switch to the “real” support representative. An IVR system's operation may be rated by the percentage of callers who choose to speak to a live operator.

IVR software solutions for advanced cloud applications

IVR software solutions from Syteg are cloud-based; our services will allow you enjoy all benefits of running an on-site voice response system or virtual office receptionist, but without the costs you used to pay for IT and telephone lines. In this sense, we move one step ahead of our competitors and two steps ahead of time. We always monitor technological advancement, its pace and tendency. This is why we know what technologies and call center applications will become a necessity tomorrow. This is why we recommend that you use our Syteg SSP IVR software solutions in order to catch up with the technological advancement. With our IVR software solutions you will forget about waiting minutes to get connected to the virtual office receptionist and you will not have any headaches regarding the quality of your interactions with customers.

Some of the many advantages you can get by using our cloud IVR software solutions

  • We offer advanced virtual office support through self-service voice applications
  • The costs of using Syteg’s IVR are much lower
  • With enhanced IVR software solutions you will have a chance to increase customer retention and expand your customer base

Needless to say, our virtual office applications and IVR are extremely easy to use. You do not need extensive training or a board of technical support representatives to improve customer experiences. With our Syteg SSP cloud hosted call center you can have your visual call routing mechanisms, call center administration, and IVR menus integrated into a system of effective IVR software solutions.