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Key Advantages of Using Live Chat

One of the major advantages of using live chat support within inbound sales environment is an opportunity to monitor online chat requests every day, 24/7, without weekends or holidays. Availability is one of the most important benefits offered by our live chat support application - you can easily access it from any location and at any time. All you need to have is a computer with Internet connection.

Live sales 24/7

With the help of our live chat support solution you can also have your brochures and promotions displayed or sent to customers in order to effectively promote your products and services. Another great option that our live chat support provides you with is an opportunity to improve your sales through staff multitasking. It basically means that your agents will be able to successfully manage several online customers simultaneously. In this case customers don't have to wait until there is an available operator online, which is a great indicator of how well you treat your customers.

Live chat support: easy-to-use application

Live chat support application doesn't require much time to be installed and configured. It will take about 15 minutes to have the application integrated into your website. After you have installed and configured it, you will be able to serve your customers better.

Improved communication process

Our live chat support can become an excellent addition to your virtual office system. The live chat support is what you need to improve communication processes within the company. With the help of our virtual office employees from different departments can communicate easily with each other and request their colleagues from other departments to assist them with answering clients’ questions. Also with our live chat support application you can transfer clients to a different support representative so that any problem could be quickly and adequately addressed.

Information exchange among website visitors

With our virtual office receptionist you no longer need to use telephones to answer customer questions. This is something you can easily do online with our live chat support application. Our virtual office system facilitates the delivery of necessary information to customers; all you need is to add a click button on your web page. This way customers can easily engage in a live conversation with our virtual office receptionist and have their questions answered without any delay. Through live chat support technology your sales representatives can share product information and pictures with potential customers online. This is how our virtual office can become the essential aspect of providing excellent customer support.

Lower your overhead costs

Using our live chat support and other virtual office applications is extremely cost-effective, no matter what size of business you own. Just think about it: an average cost of a telephone call is about $5! Using a virtual office receptionist will considerably reduce the amount of money you spend on communicating with customers and colleagues.

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