Syteg SSP

Live Chat for Consulting Businesses

Syteg offers unique and cost-effective live chat solutions in order to help businesses provide outstanding customer support to their clients within consulting business environment. Live chat from Syteg can be successfully used by any consulting business including engineering consulting, medical consulting, legal consultations and services, as well as independent consulting businesses. If you want to remain available to your customers 24/7 and maximize the consulting potential of your virtual office space, make sure that you are using our live chat and you will see for yourself how effective this solution may become.

There are numerous benefits that our virtual office along with live chat services can bring about are numerous. We believe that live chat is a very effective instrument for creating new leads, managing your time, developing new contacts and relationships, while efficiently managing your business operations.

Consulting Live Chat Services

Using live chat support can be equally useful and difficult to users. As a matter of fact, not all businesses, especially small ones, have IT professionals to manage their virtual office space. Yet, Syteg's live chat is not like other live chat applications offered by many companies. We have designed live chat application so that it would be both easy-to-use and effective when it comes to interactions with customers and potential clients. When someone visits your web page, he/she needs only to click the Live Suport button in order to reach one of your agents. It will only take a minute for one to fill in the form and for the chat request to be accepted.

With the help of our live chat services it will be easier for you to communicate with customers, colleagues and employees from any location. All you need is to have your laptop connected to the Internet. You do not need any special software or systems to have your live chat running. We offer a reliable alternative to phone calls and talks, because we believe that our live chat will be able to resolve most of your customer issues.

Below are the key advantages of using our live chat services.

  • First, you can expand your consulting business by providing answers to real-time questions from customers in a timely manner.
  • Second, you will enjoy a simple and easy-to-use live chat support interface.
  • Third, you will be able to redirect clients to the pages they need in order to take informed decisions.

All of our chats are confidential. With all aforementioned benefits, you can successfully expand your consulting business, if you use our live chat services along with the virtual office space provided by Syteg.