Syteg SSP

Live Chat for Education Sector

It has already become a growing trend for educational institutions, especially higher education establishments, to have their own websites with integrated online communication tools in order to provide necessary assistance to their students and stuff. Both teachers and students use websites and online communication tools to facilitate learning experiences and access useful educational and learning materials. Through these helpful applications, teachers can monitor student progress, whereas students can quickly solve their education problems and find additional information for their studies.

Syteg SSP live chat application has proved to be of great use within modern educational environment, especially when it comes to paperwork processing. Students who use communication tools through university websites do not need to spend hours filling out forms and applications; instead, they simply have to make several clicks. Yet, even then, students and professors are not secured from the risks of technical virtual office failures. In such cases, live chat service will be very helpful in providing professional student assistance and resolving technical issues.

Increasing the number of students

Syteg SSP cloud call center is the best live chat solution available to educational institutions. Through our live chat system you can easily resolve numerous problems, while allowing faculty members to chat with potential students and applicants directly in real-time manner. Our call center software provides a great opportunity to send text messages to students through private chats. By using Syteg SSP live chat faculty members and deans can easily reach students who need their assistance. In addition, when students feel that they cannot proceed without getting assistance from their tutors, all they need to do is to click the Live Assistance button and start a private chat conversation.

The basic advantages of using Syteg SSP live chat:

  • Staff multitasking (an operator can use our Syteg SSP virtual office system to provide assistance to more than one student at a time);
  • Increased enrollment (availability of operators will cultivate students’ interest in a college or university they represent);
  • Our live chat service helps operators to create and deliver live catalogues, so that students would not have any questions concerning degree applications.

Do not forget that live chat works best together with complete Syteg SSP call center system. This system will help you reveal the potential of your educational establishment to the max. In addition, these tools will create a platform for effective communication among students and stuff of the educational institution.