Syteg SSP

Live Chat for Financial Institutions

The global financial industry is becoming more competitive and aggressive, and the use of virtual office service has already become an important aspect of this business sector. We are aware of the fact that you work hard to beat your rivals, and that you need to develop new, inimitable features to sustain your competitiveness in the long run. This is possible, if you use reliable call center tools to make yourself available to your customers 24/7. This is how you can provide quality customer services and your customers can have their financial needs met in a timely manner.

In order to develop new business leads and transform your online visitors into returning customers you need to be available 24/7. We offer an easy-to-use live chat service to effectively attract new customers and convert your leads into sales. If your financial business does not have a virtual office service yet, you will definitely lose potential customers and become weaker than your competitors. Thus, using our live chat support services then would be a reasonable thing to order to benefit your business.

Improving the quality of financial services through a live chat

Syteg SSP live chat will enable you to attract new customers and provide professional support and assistance to website visitors in a timely manner. Thousands of customers who stumble upon financial websites for the first time confess that they appreciate virtual office services. Our financial live chat will speed up the information exchange between your business, potential, and real customers. It is always better to use our cloud-based call center software and provide consultations, rather than waste time on lengthy and costly telephone conversations. Additionally, with effective cloud call center you can let prospective customers see the full picture of the financial service they are willing to obtain.

There is another good reason why using Syteg SSP live chat will be beneficial for your business - it can protect you and your customers from financial fraud. Operators can see the city and country of every visitor and define the legitimacy of their applications and concerns. Moreover, with Syteg SSP call center your operators can easily define whether or not website visitors have already established relations with your company and can be trusted with confidential information. From now on time-wasting, non-legitimate chat requests can be screened out and ignored.

The benefits of using our live chat services:

  • Live assistance provided 24/7/365
  • Staff multitasking - you can provide service to more than one website visitor at a time
  • Convenience and assured privacy