Syteg SSP

Live Chat for Travel Agencies

Today modern technologies have become a key factor for achieving success in travel agency services. Our live chat for travel agencies is just one of the many Syteg SSP solutions available to professional travel agents. With the help of our live chat support your virtual office receptionist will be able to provide superior quality of customer service and maintain 100% customer satisfaction during all seasons!

Syteg SSP cloud call center will help your agents to establish professional and personalized contact with prospective customers offering your services

By contacting your business via our live chat your customers will feel as if they are coming to your office in person. Through a live chat from Syteg you can also share information with customers, send out discount and promotional brochures, answer customer questions regarding visas and passport controls, choose hotels, hospitality, and accommodations services.

Syteg SSP live chat tool will be a great solution for the customers who decided to change their travel arrangements but do not know how to do it or have no time to reach your office. They can send an email to your virtual office receptionist, but it will take time to answer his/her message. Sometimes, even one minute can make a big difference, and this is where a live chat service from Syteg can become an effective solution. When customers will see that you have a live chat service they are more likely to trust your business as they know that they could receive necessary assistance whenever they need.

Whether or not you have a live chat application on your website will affect your business reputation in one way or another. Businesses that have a virtual office receptionist and live chat support are believed to be more responsible and accountable in their relations with customers. First-time customers need confidence that their travel arrangements will be correct and their journey will be safe. With the help of a Syteg SSP live chat customers will be able to access a real travel agent and receive necessary support without going to the travel agency office. Having a live chat service on your website adds confidence to your customers and automatically turns you into one of the best customer-oriented companies within the market.

The main advantages of our live chat for travel agents

  • Providing immediate answers to customer questions
  • Transferring files and sending maps and photographs during live conversations;
  • Staff multitasking;
  • Ensuring efficient communication at all times;

With our live chat service along with other cloud call center applications you will have everything needed to outperform your market rivals!

Contact our office to get to know more about live chat application and how it can benefit your own business!