Syteg SSP

Predictive Dialer

Boosting call center effectiveness

If your business relies heavily on outbound calls and you strive to enhance your business performance, Syteg's predictive dialer will become a perfect solution to achieve your business goals. With Syteg's services the productivity of your call center will surely go up by more than 100 percent; however, you will pay only for the capacity you use on an equitable basis in accordance with your needs. Besides, Syteg's software is web-based, which means it is very easy to set up and operate.

Automated dialing

Manage your outbound calls utlizing the predictive dialer service from Syteg. This application will automatically make calls to every contact on your list except the numbers which belong to a “do-not-call” group; this system will be able to detect the engaged signals and telephone responders. Syteg's predictive dialer will also complete automatic adjustment of dial-up pace guided by statistical evidence of correlation “agent to number of calls”.

Prompt improvement and increase in performance

Achieve your business goals and comply with all necessary regulations when choosing the predictive dialer feature for safe messaging, automatic answering services, detection of dropped calls, priority lists, filtration and arrangement of contacts, etc. Fine-tune your Syteg service and increase the productivity of your  your call center to provide a better service to your clients.

Calls at a convenient time

Syteg's predictive dialer makes it possible to identify the most appropriate time for outbound calling basing on customers' details. Needless to add that manual dialing is more than outdated today. In case the line is busy, the phone is switched off or the call reaches voicemail box, the agents get notifications unto their desktops along with complete history of interactions with each customer.

Calls categorization

Predictive dialer breaks the calls into categories setting apart those calls that were unsuccessful. The predictive dialer separates human contacts transferred to the call center agents from non-human contacts like faxes, modems, and automatic answering devices. You can also select the option of playing a certain message if a call is accepted by an automatic answering device. Such approach guarantees high performance levels and increases the efficiency of call center operations.


By using predictive dialer scripts your agents will be able to ensure delivery of necessary information to every customer. Scripting saves a lot of time required for training and enables the managers to adjust the scripts in accordance with the commercial needs without any delay.

Predictive dialer node

Syteg's predictive dialer can also predict the availability of your agents. Certain application nodes represent certain parts of diverse scripts and the agent accessibility can be easily forecasted. If the agents move among the nodes, the server gets notifications and it becomes possible to calculate approximately when any of them is avaialble to accept calls.