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Callback Application

Keeping customer on hold for a long time does not make good impression about your company nor makes the customer return for more of your services. Nowadays, more and more businesses start recognizing this problem and are looking for the better option. In today’s challenging environment customer’s dissatisfaction would definitely result in missed calls, and thus reduced sales and low profits. Call back option on your website would provide your clients with opportunity to receive a call back instead of staying on hold for a while. You are welcome to use our click-to-call services, all you have to do to apply - is to add our code on your web site and start enjoying benefits of our services right away.

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Syteg is dedicated to providing companies with best technological solutions available to improve their interactions with clients. We enable our customers to provide their services both domestically and on international arena. Our clients highly appreciate the opportunity to stay in touch with their customers at any place throughout the world by using our telephone systems. However, different companies have different needs. Therefore, we offer a wide range of customized and advanced solutions to help businesses grow and improve their customer service. We have developed an effective call center platform, which can be connected to your phone system (VoIP)  by a single click of a mouse. With Syteg the highest levels of security standards are guaranteed so that you would not have to worry about anything but concentrate on your business performance.

Syteg SSP System Callback Application

Click-to-call service or callback application is just one of the features offered by Syteg call center platform. The click-to-call button can be placed anywhere from an online ad to an e-mail letter, and even e-mail signature allowing you to be available for your customers 24/7. The availability of this service can demonstrate to your customers that you do care about them. Callback feature is often used to help customers contact your office if they have any concerns or questions. In other words it has been designed to allow your website visitors to easily contact you via phone. You will be able to get connected to a customer through your website by clicking just one button as if you picked up your phone. Most of the companies (our customers) use click-to-call service (callback) to highlight their availability and improve communication with their clients. Besides, this service is rather affordable for most companies.

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Adding click-to-call service onto your website will also allow calling your customers when they submit the form with their contact information to your webpage. Furthermore, it allows reviewing all the information on website visitors who at least one time used callback service or submitted their personal data on your website.