Syteg SSP

Record Conversation

Call recording is one of the most efficient tools when providing high quality customer support services to one's clients. Strong interpersonal communication skills, professional voice tone, as well as a friendly soft voice of call center operators are essential factors in increasing one's sales. Syteg SSP offers an opportunity to record phone conversation between one's clients and operators in order to identify any cases of unprofessionalism and improve the operators' performance for better sales opportunities. As there are several virtual phone system extensions, you may choose whether to record one or several conversations from different extensions. When sending a phone call via an extension, the recording system informs a caller that a conversation is going to be recorded. These recording calls may be reviewed online through the internet on your control panel or delivered unto your email account. It`s up to you what email address to choose.

Successfully Resolve Issues with Your Clients

Call conversations may be one of the main causes of disputes with clients. Every growing business is targeted for success; therefore, quick dispute resolutions may play a key role when providing excellent customer service, thus growing one's business. Recording customers` conversations may help you identify customer complaints and their causes, while setting the stage for an effective business analysis. Virtual phone system can enhance your business with an opportunity to record telephone calls. That would allow you adequately analyze your business performance and come up with respective improvement tools. Disputes and conversations with customers may show you what complaints customers usually have. With this kind of information you will be able to prevent those complaints by solving the problems before they arise.

Analyze your performance with record conversation service

Recording call conversations and archiving them through your control panel will enable you to evaluate the performance of your operators as well. This will provide you with the opportunity to check how your telephone operators represent your company, the way they treat customers, their customer service and communication skills. Besides, with a call recording option your business can sound more professional and reliable.

Most of the callers appreciate the opportunity to record their conversations with operators. They know that it would help to support their claims, solve their complaints and inquires. Therefore, recording conversations can be of great benefit to your business allowing you to efficiently manage your customer service and support.

Syteg recommends to get an exclusive opportunity to record your phone calls and enhance your business today!