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Syteg SSP Live Chat

Website visitors prefer using live chat support to contact sales representatives directly and get qualified assistance at any time of day and night. Syteg SSP live chat application may play a key role in securing your business success. In most instances live chat is one of the main components of any virtual office system; with our live chat service you can stand out among other companies by providing superior customer support and professional guidance for your online visitors through your website.

Use our Syteg SSP live chat to manage multiple conversations with customers. Even if your virtual office receptionist has skills and knowledge to communicate with customers and maintain positive relations with them, one still cannot run all communication operations alone. With our Syteg SSP live chat you will be able to handle any number of conversations with customers at a time. Our virtual office system has been designed to allow private chatting with multiple customers. Your virtual office receptionist can either accept or ignore the chat requests coming from users. Chat room tabs change their color once the virtual office receptionist receives a new message.

Use our Syteg SSP Live Chat to facilitate internal communication

With our virtual office system you can efficiently manage all conversations between virtual office operators and customers. This system is also beneficial for your agents as well. Operators will be able to use the Syteg SSP live chat application to request assistance from their colleagues online when they need help to answer customer questions or share important information.

Use our Syteg SSP live chat application to transfer calls and files

Sometimes it happens that operators cannot answer customer questions. There may be many valid explanations for that; however, if you use our live chat application you may no longer need any excuses. Our system allows bringing other operators into a conversation or transferring the conversation to a different operator to provide high quality customer support.

Syteg SSP live chat provides an opportunity not only to transfer calls but files as well. After you install our application you will be able to use our File Transfer feature and you will no longer have difficulties sending large files via email. The effectiveness of virtual office performance will in a great way depend upon the ability to send out attractive promotional materials to as many potential customers as you possibly can. With our live chat application your virtual office receptionist will be able to transfer as many files as needed. The size of files will no longer be the issue.

Syteg SSP Live chat invitations

Your virtual office specialists can invite online users and website visitors to engage in a private conversation about your products and services. This is a proactive way to gain new customers and promote your products and services online. Use the Syteg SSP live chat application to send chat invitations manually. A website visitor will have an option either to accept the invitation or decline it. In case a visitor chooses the latter, you at least know that you have done everything you could.

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