Syteg SSP

Transfer Numbers Service

At Syteg we understand that your toll-free number cannot serve all of your callers and potential customers. You get hundreds of calls every day and even the best toll-free number cannot carry the increasing weight of business and personal calls. Your business is growing, and your toll-free number is everywhere: on your business cards, website, billboards, and social media forums. It is no surprise that your toll-free number lacks sufficient capacity to manage all calls.

Transfer numbers service in order to manage your inbound calls in a more efficient manner

We recommend that you use our transfer numbers service along with our cloud-based virtual call center system to improve your interactions with customers. We are certified to handle and transfer numbers as we have years of professional experience within the toll-free numbers environment and use transfer own numbers (SIP) technnology. Our experts can understand your concerns and we want to make sure that you get your services in ways that are legally compliant. We are used to transfering numbers and cooperating with your toll-free number providers so that you could successfully adhere to FCC regulations.

How does it work? First and foremost, we provide you with a temporary number that will help you to familiarize yourself with the new virtual call center system. This is the very first step before we start transfering numbers to our system. In the meantime, you also get a simple form you need to fill out and send back to us in order to let us contact your toll-free provider and transfer numbers to our system. Remember, that we need your official permission in order to stay compliant. Your written permission will allow your toll-free provider to release your numbers and let us manage transfer numbers service with SIP technology.

Transfer Phone Numbers

Please, note, that the decision to allow transfering numbers by toll-free providers is not made immediately. There may be many reasons why toll-free providers refuse to transfer numbers to our system. Basically, unreliable providers simply do not want to lose their customers. Other may face technical difficulties and lack of information systems capabilities to make the transfer go smoothly. However, even when the permission to transfer numbers is granted immediately, be prepared to wait for at least 7-10 business days, until your toll-free number becomes a part of our virtual call center system.

Even when any issues on the way to securing permission to transfer phone numbers arise you can always take a number of steps to facilitate the positive outcome. First, you can call your toll-free provider and check whether or not the information in your form matches the data on your account. This is an easy way to avoid misunderstandings and confusions with your provider. Second, make sure that you do not have any debts or financial issues with your provider. Third, never cancel your toll-free account until transfer numbers service is successfully functioning along with our virtual call center system.

Following all of the aforementioned steps will help you successfully utliize transfer numbers service to improve your customer service and support!