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VoIP — Voice over IP

New technologies affect business priorities today like never before. Companies that use latest communication technologies successfully outperform their competitors. It is no wonder that businesses invest considerable resources to be a step ahead of their rivals. Sometimes the amount of money spent by companies to purchase new technologies is beyond comprehension.

VoIP – Voice over IP Solution

At Syteg we realize how important it is for companies to have the latest technologies running. VoIP – Voice over IP is just one of such technologies used by many firms. VoIP exemplifies a unique but extremely productive approach to managing communications in business. With VoIP you can make and accept telephone calls via computer networks. VoIP has already become extremely popular among companies that understand the importance of business interactions. The essence of the VoIP application lies in converting voice into digital data packets in real time. The Internet Protocol (IP) ensures effective two-way transmission of voice conversations via computer networks.

With Syteg you will be able to easily move to a VoIP call center

Syteg professionals know the real value of running VoIP systems in business, and this is why we recommend using VoIP for phone calls. Whatever method you choose VoIP will enable productive conversations without conventional phone lines. Forget about the costs of getting conventional phones and maintaining traditional phone systems. Forget about the money spent on making long distance calls. With VoIP all these costs become irrelevant and unnecessary. As a result, VoIP will lead you to reducing your operational costs and improving your business efficiency.

We have spent 10 years working within the technological market and we understand that cost-effectiveness is often the basic criterion of quality in software application development. Companies adopt communication technologies not only because they help to retain customers, but also because they reduce operational costs. With so much experience within the Internet telephony, we can say with confidence that VoIP can effectively streamline your operational costs. We can ensure high quality of communications by assessing and verifying your bandwidth and the risks of latency issues.

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We are sure that VoIP will become one of your most valuable software resources.