ACD System with Skills-Based Routing

Syteg ACD System with Skills-Based Routing Key words: skills-based routing, ACD System, inbound call. Use Call Routing Syteg ACD System with skills-based routing is used for customers` convenience with the aim to handle each caller in an efficient and appropriate … Continue reading

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist with Syteg Virtual receptionists are becoming extremely common, especially in large organizations and companies. Virtual receptionist is an outsourced system or individual trained specifically to manage calls and companies’ communication functions. Having a virtual receptionist is the same … Continue reading

Virtual Assistant

To advance and prosper, small companies and entrepreneurs are to make a good showing and give every impression of a vast scale, credibility and established reputation. A Syteg virtual assistant can facilitate this process and further the progress of such … Continue reading

Setting Up Call Centers

Setting Up Call Centers Call centers and the era of technologies – are they compatible? Many individuals and business owners believe that having call centers in our time is at least outdated. Nevertheless, it is at least incorrect to say … Continue reading

Contact History Database

Syteg maintains contact and call history for a complete customer view. Customers are often frustrated because of lack of interactions with the call center`s agents. This can be considered as the main source of the customer frustration. Syteg is doing … Continue reading

Live Website Chat Improves Car Rental Satisfaction!

Live Website Chat Improves Car Rental Satisfaction! Traveling is one of the most profitable sources of business profits. The greater the number of travel agencies the more competitive the traveling business industry becomes. As the number of travel agencies increases, … Continue reading