Speaking About Predictive Dialing

If predictive dialing is so complicated, how can I use it in my call center? In reality, the situation is not as complex as it may seem. Predictive dialing systems are complex by nature but simple in use. In the … Continue reading

The Role of Outdialing Systems

If you own a call center or simply manage it, you definitely feel annoyed every time your cloud call center managers cannot reach the clients on their call lists. However, you also realize that your agents’ professionalism and experience have … Continue reading

ACD or Not ACD?

Discussing the Nature of ACD Systems It is no secret that ACD systems have a long history in the telecom industry. These systems have evolved from being merely a task-oriented switch box, to become a complex, sophisticated, and highly intelligent … Continue reading

Purchasing and Running ACD

Recommendations for the Future Call Center Leaders Being a call center owner is not an easy task. The same relates to switch vendors. In the atmosphere of tough market competition, many telecom companies are no longer willing to be regarded … Continue reading

Addressing the Needs of Small Centers

You Have a Small Center? We Can Help You! Small centers are not uncommon, but their needs are often disregarded. Let’s think of any small call center and the needs faced by its administrators and owners. More often than not, … Continue reading

More About Automatic Call Distributor

With ACDs, you can certainly go beyond the most challenging volume of inbound and outbound calls, as even the simplest ACD operates far beyond human capacity. To a large extent, ACDs also operate beyond the capabilities of even the most … Continue reading

ACD: The Automatic Call Distributor

The automatic call distributor is a common term used in the call center business. However, not everyone knows what an ACD is and how it operates. Basically, ACD is a piece of hardware that can be simply described as “call … Continue reading

Syteg Long Distance Call Center Service

If you are looking for the best toll-free long-distance services, make sure you pay attention to what Syteg SSP has to offer. Syteg’s long-distance services are intended for companies, which terminate their calls at one particular location. Although the majority … Continue reading

Sophisticated Providers of Quality Call Center Services

In the first years of toll-free number portability, many companies feared that the introduction of 800 portability would degrade the quality of long-distance services. Moreover, the costs of toll-free services could increase, because call centers and virtual office receptionists would … Continue reading

800 Toll-Free Numbers

Needless to say, the task of choosing the most appropriate long-distance services was once a simple task: you simply needed to choose what suited your budgets and estimated costs. Now everything has become much more complicated, and this complexity transcends … Continue reading