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Virtual office and email service are often inseparable tools for running a customer-oriented business. Both exemplify a unique and extremely effective channel of communication among customers and businesses. With the growth of the online business sector, companies develop and implement their own virtual office systems to extend their market coverage and attract more customers. Email service is used to send attractive offers to customers and popularize companies’ brands. However, email messages can make virtual office systems extremely vulnerable to the effects of virus email messages.

Have your messages automatically forwarded to one or more email addresses

Viruses threaten the stability of virtual office systems, which may cause serious damage to your company in terms of financial loses as well as customer satisfaction. The more customers you have, the more messages are sent to your virtual business office. In order to maintain your solid reputation and customer-focused vision of your business, your virtual office must have the capacity to answer all email messages in a timely manner. But what if you cannot use your business email address all the time? What if you want to check your messages after your working hours? Maybe you travel a lot and need regular access to all customer messages? These are the challenges most business owners face when their businesses are growing. This is where our email auto forwarding service can help you avoid many of customer complaints ensuring long-term business development.

Instead of wasting your time and using your virtual office to redirect and forward your email messages manually, order our email auto forwarding service to redirect the most important messages to one or more email addresses, be it your own address or your customer email coordinates. Our virtual office applications allow forwarding specific messages to colleagues and clients. Unlike conventional email auto forwarding features that automatically redirect all messages to the desired address, our virtual office enables you to choose those messages you wish to forward and resend them quickly to the desired recipient.

The email autoforwarding feature would have been impossible, if not for our virtual business office receptionist

With our virtual office your emails will be forwarded to as many addresses as needed. All you need is to update your virtual business office settings, and email auto forwarding will enhance your business performance allowing you to effectively manage incoming email messages. In addition, our email service enables creating a single, merged account of the multiple email client addresses. This way you can send consolidated email messages without writing each email address manually. Eventually, with our email auto forwarding service you can successfully maximize the benefits of email notifications. These features will help you remain available for your customers all the year round.

Our email service will save your time, increase the productivity of your agents, thus enhancing your business performance.



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