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Inbound and outbound Calling

Inbound and Outbound Customer Service is a form of support provided to your client by telephone. Inbound call - it is a stage of the call center operation when customer calls in and operator attends to his needs.

Calling Software
Live Chat Software


Live Chat Software

Our company is happy to present Syteg SSP live chat software that has been designed specifically to assist your company in promoting an image of your business as of a reputable company with outstanding customer service.


SMS Aggregator

Recently, SMS aggregators have been quite often suggested as efficient tools for mobile marketing. However, there are numerous rather contradicting opinions about this application in the mobile marketing community.

SMS Aggregator
Monitoring & Analytics

Monitoring & Analytics

Live Events Monitoring

With the development of business sector new challenges become an inevitable reality. In order to prevent some of the emerging challenges you need to make sure that all business processes are in compliance with all regulations and that all customers are fully satisfied with the quality of products


Interactive Voice Response

Small and mid-sized businesses are believed to be the foundation for successful economics. This is why the governments of many countries around the world implement policies to encourage the development of such enterprises.

Interactive Voice Response
Voicemail Software


Voicemail Software

Our Voice Messaging services will enable you to manage your contacts in an effective and timely manner. You will be able to receive and send voice messages from any part of the world. Many businessmen prefer using this option, especially when travelling. Syteg Voice Messaging services will make your communication more efficient as your voice messages will be delivered to your email account.

Support ticket

Support ticket system

It is quite obvious that Internet technologies have become an important part of our life and today we cannot imagine neither our life nor any business without it. Email (electronic mail, e-mail, mailbox, webmail)

Support ticket system

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