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It is obvious that students, especially senior students are an excellent source for the call center workforce. Call center location that is next to educational centers such as colleges or universities may give you an opportunity to employ transient workers. Obviously, they will not be long-term workers as usually they can be available for a short period of time and they can take odd shifts as well.

Vocational education can become a powerful draw for the call center.

Community colleges started offering certification programs for the types of skills which are necessary for the work at call centers.

At first you have to check the infrastructure of educational centers before you begin rating the area: does it have the community's support? Does it channel people into high technology types of jobs, and prepare them for the high tech work (which is exactly what call centers are) with the necessary combination of technical and communication skills? Do graduates decide to stay in the community, or they leave it? One should also conduct a research opn the subject of other industries which dominate in the community, as it can soak up the graduates. An industry of a cyclical type can make a boom and then bust the high level of unemployment cycles that will influence your structure of cost — not always in a bad way, but you have to take it into consideration before taking any steps (See also Education Call Center Solutions).

Student labor may become quite cost-effective solution. Students from different educational establishments are always ready to offer a low-cost labor source. Their academic credentials are often high and articulate. However, students will never view employment as a top priority as their primary focus is always education. Their schedules, classes, educational credentials that they gain are much more important for them than any part-time employment.

No matter if you are searching for graduates or students, trade schools or junior colleges, high schools and even business schools, they are often overlooked resources. Some of the schools can even regulate their curriculums in order to meet the requirements of businesses, with the “certification of call center”. In some areas it became a growing trend.

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