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Live Chat Software

Our company is happy to present Syteg SSP live chat software that has been designed specifically to assist your company in promoting an image of your business as of a reputable company with outstanding customer service. Direct communication, as you already know, is the best way to deal with customers as it prevents many misunderstandings and customer complaints. It is also a great platform for receiving feedback from the clients about your business performance. Therefore, direct communication became a turning point for further development. By using Syteg SSP services any company will be able to attract new customers and extend the number of returning clients through Syteg's communication tools.

Live chat - the best way to stay in touch with your customers

With the help of Syteg's live chat you will be able to efficiently assist your customers and prospective clients in a more effective and timely manner. Through Syteg live chat solutions you will also be able to increase your chances to attract more customers. Since direct contact with a call center assures reliable services, your future cooperation may be positively influenced, thus contributing to the customer database extension.

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If you make up your mind to order Syteg's live chat services you would not need to purchase any specific hardware or install any software since Syteg provides all the necessary services to the customers on its own servers. All you will have to do is to add our code unto your web site and you can enjoy the benefits of our services right away.

Advanced live chat technologies

Along with live chat application Syteg offers a wide range of additional live chat features to help you effectively address your communication needs. Live chat monitoring technology is one of such features that can become an essential part of a proactive chat. By monitoring visitors who come to chat on your website you can better understand your customers` needs by analyzing monitoring data. This can positively affect your business productivity and improve your conversion rates if you base your decisions upon monitoring statistics. Achieving better results then becomes the nearest future. Real time communication creates a platform for better connection and interaction with your customers and that is a key aspect to achieving success in a customer-oriented business environment. Live chat is one of the best live support ways to increase your rate since all actions are taken efficiently and quickly.

Our live chat service will allow arranging live chat sessions and inviting more customers, thus creating an effective tool for converting live chat leads into sales. With the online help of Syteg's live chat system you will also be able to effectively present your advertizing campaigns and organize conferences via live chat technologies. Another great option that is available with Syteg's live chat service is preparing ready-made answers to most commonly asked customers` questions; your agents then wouldn’t have to type the same information all over again to different customers anymore - just few clicks and the needed information will appear on a customer's screen. Monitoring technologies or analytics tools can help you identify such questions in order to be ready to provide timely answers and sound professionally. Pre-recorded messages offered by our live chat can be very handy to engage more customers into a live chat. You can easily print or transform your chat history into PDF format. These tools help to make customization more flexible. Syteg live chat is a super easy way to provide remarkable customer service to one's clients.

Live Support is really important

Nowadays, when customers become more and more demanding, live chat is undoubtedly a crucial point for productive customers’ support. Online Help System offered by Syteg SSP is the most efficient software which gives an opportunity to put the customer on hold, provides possibility of using various templates, allows inviting multiple participants into the conversation etc. Live Support is really important for customers: it fills them with confidence and trust in the service the use. Live Chat Software is easy to install: all you will have to do is to add our code into your web site and you can instantly enjoy the benefits of our Live Chat Application.

We always provide our customers with the highest quality call center product.