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Dynamic scheduling with Syteg

Labor costs amount approximately to 70% of the overall budget expenditures within call center environments. Proper scheduling reduces discipline problems and ensures excellent morale of the agents, while scheduling failures cause decrease of client satisfaction rates. Therefore, in order to maintain effective operations the personnel planners are supposed to adapt the business goals to an unsteady operating mode of any call center.

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Workforce planners utilize Syteg SSP software to have the most up-to-date scheduling service for the benefit of the company and its high level of customer satisfaction. Irrespective of whether you need to make up a flexible or fixed work schedule for your agents, Syteg scheduling tools will conform to the standards and optimize the workforce expenditures in accordance with your needs. Our web-based software solutions will also allow you to make setting adjustments whenever you need. Since the scheduling application is web-based, the agents can easily make certain changes for trainings, vacations, business meetings, and other special occasions.

Cutting your expenses with a web-based staff management application

Locally installed applications inevitably entail exploitation expenditures, IT administration costs, expenses for upgrades and so on. Syteg SSP offers a hosted workforce scheduling application including personnel schedule software planner and task manager application. Another benefit is that our scheduling solution integrated with the Syteg SSP provides for forecasting details and real-time work of the agents. Syteg SSP workforce management software makes it possible to add users without any significant efforts. Each of them logs in from the same portal and can access the needed interface. Syteg SSP introduces helpful application – Task Manager with facilities enabling to create list of events and reminders, it also provides an opportunity of team management. Scheduling with Syteg SSP will save your time and expenses.

There is no other user-friendly personnel management application that is able to improve the customer loyalty, lower the staffing expenses and balance all your commercial goals concurrently at such a high level. You get your agents work scheduling and tools for staff deployment having only one easy-to-use web-based application with a wide range of capabilities.

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