Syteg SSP

Adherence Online

Syteg SSP provides effective tools for management of web-based daily operations. The productivity of employees in a great way will depends on the flexibility of working schedules and discipline management. At Syteg we are happy to offer a wide range of services that can be used by staffing planners as well as call center supervisors. These tools are used in order to handle different emergencies that occur almost every day. A user real-time adherence tools from Syteg ensure that agents work is done in accordance with their personal schedules. Syteg SSP solutions will help supervisors and managers find out which of the agents is not following his schedule and develop appropriate corrective actions if necessary.

Automatic Agent Adherence

SSP real-time schedule adherence feature assists supervisors of any business to verify if each of the agents keeps to the set schedule, it is close to the monitoring feature, however, it is more workforce management- oriented.

Automatic agent adherence solution is really useful as it helps you to find out if your staff is working according to the set schedule and, at the same time, it helps you check if your working plan should be improved or changed.

It is important to be able to adjust the schedule any time because of different circumstances that occur. Therefore, we have designed adherence application for call centers that will allow quickly make adjustments to schedules while managing the staff.

Graphical charts and reports

Management system also evaluates agents according to the history of their schedule adherence results. Syteg SSP offers to deliver graphical charts of those agents who need coaching and send respective reports to the managers. Graphical charts and reports are used to check the real working status of the agents quickly identifying their unprofessionalism. History reports are delivered to evaluate agents' performance and summarize adherence results. These reports are done during a long period of time in order to improve next schedule adherence. Thus, with the help of Syteg SSP, graphical charts and reports will help you supervise your call center agents in a timely and efficient manner.

Workforce management solutions

Workforce management solutions from Syteg ensure smoother, more convenient and accurate way to control the activities of the call center. There is no need to worry about IT administration and maintenance any more, because we offer a cloud-based solution that can improve the whole management system. Moreover, Syteg SSP is connected to the hosted workforce management service providing automatic and immediate adherence of the scheduling system. In other words, we offer an access to other agents’ interfaces in order to keep the business flow under control of a manager or administrator.

Workforce management solutions from Syteg may become an essential aspect of successful management of your call center agents that potentially can significantly enhance business performance. Automatic agent adherence and historical forecasting data are advanced features to secure better workforce management. From now on each user will be able to check one's status and schedule by just one click. It's both easy-to-use and cost-effective application that will boost your call center performance.

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