Syteg SSP

Cloud Call Center Software

Every businessman knows how hard it is to develop and improve business. In order to get profit one should have large number of customers. It is well known that impeccable service targeted at clients’ satisfaction is of utmost importance in order for your valued customers to come back for more and more of your services. Nowadays you would hardly find any company or organization without call center services.

Call center - it is a group of operators who make incoming or outbound phone calls. They assist customers with various issues, provide detailed information about your business, respond to clients’ inquiries etc. Call center customer service is important for you as it keeps your customers in constant touch with your business. Syteg offers to you best call center software which is easy to use and affordable even to low budget. Our call center solutions and virtual office products provide you with perfect tool which will always keep your customers’ satisfied with your services.

Cloud Applications

Cloud call-center software transforms customers’ conversations into organized and efficient interactions. You can provide your clients with support right from your personal computer or phone lines. All calls as well as voicemail will be recorded and this allows you to easily track your customers’ conversations and monitor work of your call center operators.

Every business is challenged to be more achievement-oriented and commercially viable. That is especially true within today's fast-paced business environment. Thus, in the context of technological advancements and product sourcing, companies are faced with the necessity of improving their business performance and are searching for innovative solutions that can take them to the new heights.

Call Center Products

Syteg's cloud call center solutions are acknowledged to be at the cutting edge of innovative technology. Providing best cloud call center software, Syteg delivers the advanced call center solutions to a wide range of industry sectors throughout the world. It takes no longer than 24 hours to launch a new contact center as we provide a comprehensive set of tools and services as well as training to resolve all kinds of issues related to customer service.

Our call center products and features (inbound and outbound calling, live chat, e - mail, support ticket system, fax, callback, call recording, IVR, CRM, voicemail, scheduling est.) have been developed to satisfy all your functional needs. We deal with any kinds of calls, auto dialing or predictive dialing, while providing guarantee of the improvement of your company's efficiency and productivity.

We have always regarded reliability and satisfaction of the clients as factors of paramount importance. Our work experience and established relationships with partners and clients is our formula for success.

We cooperate with all kinds of businesses regardless of their size and turnover rates. Syteg SSP can provide the most appropriate call center services to a division of any enterprise, a mid-sized company or a newly-founded business. The quality of service is permanently high; you can check it yourself by ordering a trial version of our call center software.

The advantages of the Syteg SSP cloud call center software:

  • customer service gets automated
  • you get new functions of technical support
  • call center infrastructure enhancement
  • business renders new profits after transformation
  • customer relations are improved owing to the integrated use of applications for customer relationship management
  • business gets useful options, etc.

You will benefit from your decision to try the Syteg virtual office products and will learn at first hand that innovation and multifunctional performance have a significant impact on your revenues and expenditures.